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9DCT Transmission
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HYCET Technology Co., Ltd. ("HYCET"), an automotive component manufacturer and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Great Wall Motor ("GWM").

HYCET will showcase its next-generation "I-era" powertrain technology products, including the 4N20 engine and nine dual-clutch transmission (9DCT), as well as its all-new electric drive system and dual-pinion type electric power steering (DP-EPS) system.

Established on June 13, 2018, HYCET is the key component provider for GWM vehicles and creates automotive components that deliver dynamic performance while incorporating environmentally-friendly and energy-saving features. Capable of providing systematic solutions for Chinese OEMs, Its engine, transmission, electric drive and electric power steering have been installed across domestic vehicles in GWM's existing HAVAL, WEY and upcoming pickup truck series, as well as in the automaker's vehicles exported to key markets along the Belt and Road initiative. GWM's WEY brand will also debut on the German and North American markets in 2021 with cars featuring core components from HYCET.

"At HYCET, we believe auto component manufacturers and car manufacturers should work hand-in-hand to fuel progress and innovation in the auto industry, learn from our global counterparts and serve our cutomers both in China and overseas. Through this collective mindset of 'sharing, creating and winning together', we have developed our revolutionary 'I-era' powertrain technology," said Haifeng Tang, Chairman of HYCET Technology Co., Ltd. "The Frankfurt Motor Show is a global stage for us to share the spirit of innovation and outstanding achievements of the Chinese auto component industry with the world."

Optimized for fuel efficiency, emissions and power performance, HYCET's 4N20 engine is an environmentally-friendly 2.0L Turbo engine and the first in China to harness Miller cycle technology for improved engine fuel efficiency. The entry-level engine records a maximum thermal efficiency of 41%, while the premium has a best-in-class thermal ability of 50%⁠.  

HYCET's 9DCT transmission - the first publicly released 9DCT transmission worldwide⁠ - is another "I-era" product featured at the Motor Show⁠. HYCET is the only independent Chinese auto manufacturer to produce its own transmission, and its 9DCT transmission provides a high-load system within a lightweight and miniaturized structure. HYCET is also actively developing transmissions systems for electric vehicles that include integrated bridges, two-speed gearbox reducers, an integrated 9HDCT and dedicated hybrid transmissions (DHT).

Pioneering light-weight, compact integrated systems, HYCET has created the 6001 series, China's first self-developed electric drive system that harnesses flat hairpin technology, which will be on display at the Motor Show. HYCET will also unveil its DP-EPS at this time-a smart steering technology designed for off-road vehicles, SUVs and cars. HYCET EPS also has redundant DP-EPS (redundancy of sensor, motor and ECU) which can reach autonomous driving LEVEL3, and can provide the autonomous driving with a high reliability assurance.

To meet the increased demand for new energy vehicles, HYCET has developed hybrid versions of their existing products, including the 9HDCT, electric drive systems and P2+P4 hybrid powertrain system. Using a high-performance fuel engine and P2 module motor in the vehicle's front axle and an electric axis and motor in the rear, the system allows for acceleration from 0 to 100km/h in under five seconds while significantly reducing fuel consumption.

Looking ahead, HYCET aims to become a service provider of connected car systems. By simultaneously developing transmissions, engines and motors, HYCET will deliver a turn-key solution for auto manufacturers looking for system-level and assembly-level service. It will also harness the existing technology capabilities of its'platform to provide integrated OEM vehicle services.

Company Name: HYCET Technology Co Ltd.
About Company: Established on June 13, 2018, HYCET Technology Co., Ltd. ("HYCET") is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Great Wall Motor Company Ltd., China's largest SUV and pickup manufacturer. Headquartered in Baoding, Hebei Province, China, HYCET creates innovative integrated power, transmission, electric drive and electric power steering systems. The company has established R&D centers across China and have a global reach that spans Austria and India.