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Challenger launches voluntary sleep apnea education and screening program.
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The two transportation organizations a sleep initiative including education and voluntary sleep apnea screening of commercial truck drivers.

"We're delighted to join with the talented staff of Resonea to help bring innovative sleep education and testing to the motor carrier industry," said Jim Peeples, president and CEO of Challenger Motor Freight.

The Resonea family of solutions help improve motor carrier reputations and document their commitment to safety through comprehensive programs of sleep education, screening/testing/treatment, compliance monitoring and reporting.

According to Resonea's chief medical officer Dr. Karen Underwood, "At the center of our system is an FDA-cleared smartphone app that provides drivers an easy way to assess the risk of sleep apnea with an overnight breathing analysis."

Screening with DROWZLE is more private, convenient, comfortable and enables anytime/anywhere testing with confidential results delivered by email in the morning.

According to Steve Newton, Challenger's director of safety, "Driver satisfaction and safety remain top priorities for Challenger and are one of the major reasons we have been frequently selected one of the top fleets to drive for by the Truckload Carriers Association."

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