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supercharged and turbocharged muscle
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Dodge is introducing new supercharged and turbocharged muscle to boost the brand's growing Direct Connection performance parts lineup.

Two new series of crate engines for the street and strip: the Hellephant and HurriCrate series of engines. Dodge will showcase powerplants from both new engine lineups, as well as additional Direct Connection products.

The Direct Connection supercharged Hellephant series of crate engines boast the most powerful lineup of GEN III HEMI®-powered cast iron and aluminum engines to date, ranging from approximately 900 to over 1,100 horsepower, based on preliminary estimates.

The all-new HurriCrate series of crate engines will offer a lineup including a Cat 1 crate engine that delivers up to 420 horsepower and a Cat 3 engine that reaches up to 550 horsepower, based on preliminary estimates.

Direct Connection is also expanding its line of officially licensed parts, with the introduction of the 1,500 hp / 1,000 lb.-ft. Direct Connection 1500 HEMI® Crate Engine offered by longtime partner DSR Performance.

Direct Connection, the Dodge brand's exclusive source of factory-backed performance parts available through Dodge Power Brokers dealers, continues to grow after launching earlier this year.

The rollout of the Hellephant and HurriCrate series of crate engines follows another slate of recent additions to the Direct Connection lineup this summer, including a Direct Connection Dodge Challenger Mopar Drag Pak Rolling Chassis for grassroots drag racers, a Dodge Challenger body-in-white kit, Direct Connection-licensed carbon fiber SpeedKore parts, a licensed vintage Dodge Charger carbon fiber body from Finale Speed and more. Direct Connection will also offer performance parts for the all-new Dodge Hornet.

"We're bringing the Hellephant back and adding new HurriCrate engines to augment the Direct Connection lineup with two new families of crate engines.

The demand from enthusiasts for performance parts for the street and strip continues grow, and Direct Connection will continue to be there to feed it," said Tim Kuniskis, Dodge brand chief executive officer - Stellantis.

"Since Direct Connection first launched back in March our performance parts line continues to evolve, backed by the factory and by our network of Dodge Power Brokers dealers."

Direct Connection Hellephant Engine Series

Direct Connection's family of Hellephant engines all feature a 3.0L IHI supercharger and GENIII HEMI engine block available in cast iron or aluminum and are designed for either premium or E85 fuel. Expanding from the original 1,000-horsepower Hellephant 426 Supercharged crate engine, Direct Connection will offer three new variants with upgraded hardware and fuel systems to maximize power output.

The new lineup of high-horsepower Direct Connection crate engines will launch with a new naming convention that indicates engine block material (cast iron or aluminum) and fuel type. Each engine name begins with an "A" or "C," for aluminum or cast-iron block respectively, followed by a numeric representation of fuel type — "30" for premium fuel (E15 max) or "170" for E85 fuel — with numbers corresponding to the alcohol content "proof" in the recommended fuel type.

The Hellephant lineup of four crate engines includes:

A30 Crate Engine: Formally known as the Hellephant 426 Supercharged HEMI crate engine, the A30 makes use of a 426 cubic-inch bored and stroked GEN III HEMI aluminum block and features 4340 H-beam rods with forged aluminum pistons and 3.17-inch supercharger pulley to achieve 1,000 horsepower on premium fuel
A170 Crate Engine: Building on the performance of the A30 with upgraded fuel system with flex fuel capability, the A170 delivers over 1,100 horsepower with E85 fuel, based on preliminary estimates
C30 Crate Engine:  This new entry in the Hellephant lineup starts with an upgraded 376 cubic-inch cast-iron long block and features a 3.0L IHI supercharger with larger throttle body, stronger rods, pistons, upgraded hardware, and an improved valvetrain to produce approximately 900 horsepower on premium fuel, based on preliminary estimates
C170 Crate Engine:  Building on the performance of the C30 with upgraded fuel system and flex fuel capability, the C170 will deliver over 1,000 horsepower with E85 fuel, based on preliminary estimates

Direct Connection HurriCrate Engine Series

The all-new Direct Connection HurriCrate Series engines are derived from the 3.0L Hurricane twin-turbo engine. The Hurricane, named one of Wards 10 Best engines and propulsion systems for 2022, delivers more horsepower, more torque and fewer emissions than many naturally aspirated V8s, offering resto-mod builders and racers a technologically advanced, high power density crate engine solution.

The HurriCrate series of crate engines employs state-of-the-art engineering and technologies that include two low-inertia, high-flow turbochargers for rapid response to throttle inputs, Plasma Transfer Wire Arc (spray bore) coating in the cylinder bores for an ultra-thin, low-friction wear surface, and high-pressure direct fuel injection.

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