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Moke_America_Electric_Cruiser_10102022 Moke America Is Supporting Breast Cancer
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In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Moke America will donate $500 to Susan G. Komen for every pink Moke sold.

Susan G. Komen helps to save lives by investing in breakthrough research to prevent, cure and end breast cancer.

 Being socially aware is part of Moke America's overall mission to improve the world. With its emphasis on electric technology Moke America, the reinvented classic cruiser from the '60s synonymous with happy vibes, is an eco-friendly alternative to gas guzzlers.

"We wanted to give back this year, and Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a cause we can all get behind," said Moke America CEO and founder Todd Rome. "Susan G. Komen is the world's largest nonprofit source of funding for the fight against breast cancer, and we're excited to support them."

This month-long initiative applies to all new sales of pink Mokes purchased online at www.mokeamerica.com or through the brand's 40-plus nationwide dealer network.

Each electric Moke is hand-built to order in Sarasota, Florida. Customers can choose from 12 rainbow bright colors (+Camo), multiple seating configurations and other stylish options.

Starting at $22,975, the Moke is 100 percent electric, street legal and good for the environment. Classified as a Low Speed Vehicle (LSV), the Moke reaches a top speed of 25 MPH and is street legal on all roads 35 MPH or less. Plug it into any 110 outlet for 40 miles of fun; no special charging stations required.

Celebrity owners include the Kardashians, who were each gifted a fully customized cruiser by Kris Jenner last Christmas, as well as Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner. Moke

America has also injected its electric cars into one of the most popular movie franchises in the world with two special edition 007 Mokes available for sale, paying homage to James Bond's eternal style. The easy-breezy luxury cruisers have become a favorite of country clubs, vineyards and resorts.

For more information please visit,: www.mokeamerica.com

Company Name: Moke America
About Company: From British classic to Caribbean icon, Moke has become a symbol of fun in the sun. Introducing Moke America: A 20th-century collectible car reinvented with 21st-century green-friendly electric power, available exclusively in the USA. The Moke (rhymes with “bloke”) is far from a museum piece. Our electric car is versatile, carbon-free and efficient. This upgraded version has more—more legroom, expanded trunk space, a kickin’ sound system and sex appeal. The Moke stays true to its roots while keeping its headlights on the future.