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SoFlo Jeeps
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Behold the SoFlo Stallion, SoFlo Jeeps' answer to the long-awaited Ford Bronco. Heralded as the hottest, most coveted SUV/truck of 2021, the Ford Bronco gets a full enhancement from the world's premier customization specialists.

To create this jaw-dropping vehicle, dubbed by the Fort Lauderdale team as the SoFlo Stallion, the truck receives a 3.5" lift with a steering stabilizer to ensure full control at high speeds and off-road scenarios, before getting 37" Patagonia (quiet and center tread riding everyday tire), Fuel's SFJ 20" alloy bronze rims, a custom front steel bumper which is fabricated inhouse and finished in black Kevlar, steel sidesteps and a decadent King Ranch marine grade tan and dark brown leather interior on seats, armrest and doors (this material is weather resistant).

The Slantback Top: Finally, the piece that truly transforms the truck into something sure to stop onlookers right in their tracks is the handcrafted fiberglass composite slantback top. This slantback is currently available for purchase and can ship immediately to those who already have a Bronco and are looking to make it look like nothing currently on the road today.

In order to ensure the SoFlo Stallion is a thoroughbred, customizations to the truck can include a 700+ horsepower supercharged V8 Coyote 5.0L motor upgrade.

"The market for the Ford Bronco is insatiable right now, these vehicles are nearly impossible to find, with hardly any aftermarket companies even attempting to enhance their looks and off-road capabilities, but that's what separates SoFlo Jeeps from everyone else," said Joseph "Joe" Ghattas, owner, engineer and head designer of South Florida Jeeps and its sister company Apocalypse Manufacturing (www.apocalypse6x6.com/).

"We take the impossible and make it possible. We have these SoFlo Stallion 4x4s in stock now and they are ready to ship. Our truck has bigger tires and rims and a more capable suspension that allows the driver to conquer all off-road obstacles, while hitting 100 mph with comfort on the highway.

Probably the most impressive part of our transformation has to be the slantback top. It's a brand-new item that we are offering and took months of research and development to produce, but after one glance, people just fall in love."

SoFlo Jeeps has built over 25 of these special vehicles that are currently on the road today, additionally, the customization professionals have newly created Stallions for sale listed in their inventory in both hardtop, slantback and convertible top options - SoFlo Jeeps Inventory.

The SoFlo Stallion ranges in price from $79,999 to $89,000 and can be shipped worldwide right to a customer's doorstep.

For those lucky enough to already have a Ford Bronco, SoFlo Jeeps can upfit their vehicle or even ship them out their proprietary parts on existing Broncos (both four door and two door versions), including those in Base, Big Bend, Black Diamond and Outer Banks 4×4 SUV package levels.

Company Name: South Florida Jeeps
About Company: Based in South Florida, South Florida Jeeps or SoFlo Jeeps as it is known, has been revolutionizing the custom vehicle market for over 13 years. With exclusive designs and professional builds for Wranglers, Gladiators and other trucks this operation is turning out the biggest and baddest vehicles in the business.