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BorgWarner announced two high-voltage hairpin (HVH) eMotor business wins with XPeng, a Chinese Smart EV manufacturer, for use on two upcoming SUV models.

The recently secured contracts include BorgWarner's advanced oil-cooled 800V eMotor systems, comprising stator and rotor components customized for the vehicles. Start of production is planned for 2025. BorgWarner's HVH220 eMotor offers high power and torque density, enhanced efficiency, and superior durability.

"We are thrilled to expand our eMotor business with XPeng and build upon our years-long partnership with them," said Dr. Stefan Demmerle, President and General Manager of BorgWarner PowerDrive Systems. "As we continuously evolve our HVH technology, we are dedicated to delivering maximum efficiency for our customer's two future SUV models."

The HVH220 eMotor, featuring BorgWarner's patented high-voltage hairpin winding technology, operates within an 800V propulsion system. With a stator outer diameter of 220 mm, this motor solution integrates a permanent magnet rotor and proprietary stator insulation enhancements, ensuring unparalleled durability and reliability. Capable of generating up to 300kW of power and reaching a maximum speed of 18,000 rpm, BorgWarner's HVH220 achieves peak efficiencies exceeding 97%.

Addressing the need for enhanced performance in high-power motors, BorgWarner has engineered oil-cooled solutions. By utilizing gearbox oil to cool the motor, this technology optimizes heat transfer and overall thermal management efficiency. Additionally, direct rotor oil cooling efficiently extracts heat from the electric motor core, facilitating higher torque and power density, further enhancing performance capabilities.

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