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CAMP365 T Model Truck Bed Camper
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CAMP365 – creators of the world's first fold-out cabin camper – announces this week a new platform in the pickup-camper category, the CAMP365 T Model. Made in the USA and designed to meet the needs of electric vehicle owners looking for a truck bed option that has a minimal impact on range, the T Model works with the Rivian R1, Ford Lighting, Tesla Cybertruck, and other mid-size trucks.

Lightweight and aerodynamic, the T Model weighs in at only 700-800 pounds (depending on options), but travels as a streamlined unit, drastically reducing wind resistance. The sleek design accounts for an estimated 5-10% loss in range, miles ahead of competitors who lose nearly 50% of range with an 8,000lb. payload.

Measuring approximately 4' x 7' in a truck bed, the T Model unfolds in minutes to reveal a 9' x 7', 63-square-foot interior that will comfortably sleep 4-5 people and afford 6'8" of headroom. At only 4' wide, the T Model can easily be stored in residential garages and has patented technology to allow a single person to load or unload the camper in approximately 10 minutes.

Taking design cues from the company's original CAMP365 model – the pull-behind unveiled in 2018 – the T Model allows for year-round camping with its dual-layer air gap insulation walls. The all-electric camper is solar-ready, and other features include:

    Folding queen, twin or bunk comfort system
    24-gallon water tank (splittable to 12/12 for fresh/grey water)
    Hot water shower
    Sink, faucet, toilet and an induction cook-top
    Electric heat & A/C
    75" of dry storage between both folding walls
    Large, lockable bed storage drawer
    Exterior racks to hold two e-bikes, four bikes, or two kayaks/paddleboards
    Two side awnings
    Starlink internet

"We're proud to add to CAMP365's heritage of providing innovative products to the RV market with the T Model," says Kevin McGregor, CEO of CAMP365. "Not only does this new model have a modular design that makes it among the most spacious campers in the category, but it allows electric vehicle owners an option to explore and adventure with limited loss of range to their vehicle."

All CAMP365 units are made in America at manufacturing plants in Iowa and Minnesota. The new Camp365 T Model will start at $25,000 and can be reserved for a $100, fully-refundable deposit. Production is slated to begin in the early summer of 2024.

For more information please visit www.CAMP365.com.

Company Name: CAMP365
About Company: Based in Eden Prairie, Minn., CAMP365 is a trailblazing force in the outdoor and recreational industry, who introduced the world's first fold-out cabin camper in 2018. Committed to quality, functionality, and innovative design, CAMP365 provides cutting-edge campers that seamlessly integrate with the modern adventurer's lifestyle. Crafted by a team of passionate outdoor enthusiasts and engineers, CAMP365 today holds more than 17 patents and offers towable, truck bed and emergency response options in its made–in-the-USA camper line.