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Mechanical Simulation
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Mechanical Simulation Corporation is proud to announce the release of the 2023.1 versions of its VehicleSim® software products: CarSim®, TruckSim®, BikeSim®, and SuspensionSim®.

Mechanical Simulation Corporation, the global leader in vehicle dynamics simulation software, is proud to unveil the highly anticipated 2023.1 software release. Its products provide accurate and realistic predictions of real-world vehicle behavior. This new version reinforces the company's commitment to innovation and solidifies its position as the industry's leading solution for virtual vehicle testing and simulation.

This release introduces a range of cutting-edge features and enhancements, empowering engineers, and researchers to expand the scope of their development processes with the use of simulation and making it easier to optimize designs and enhance overall vehicle performance.

This release adds alternate steering methods including differential steering (skid steer) and hydrostatic articulation, found in many construction and mining vehicles. The most common skid steer vehicle is a type of forklift used in landscaping. A hydrostatically articulated vehicle can be steered using a yaw hydraulic pivot point to bend the vehicle.

These features are a perfect pairing with Mechanical Simulation Corporation's soft soil tire model. This terramechanical tire model allows users to simulate soft soil conditions. The incorporation of a terramechanical tire model enables engineers to achieve unparalleled fidelity in simulation behavior, providing precise insights into vehicle dynamics in various scenarios, including complex maneuvers, diverse road surfaces, and challenging weather conditions.

With an unwavering focus on usability, accuracy, and repeatability, this release receives high marks for increasing the coverage of different types of vehicles and scenarios that can be simulated.

"Our new features greatly expand Mechanical Simulation's core capabilities and are a competitive differentiator. Engineers who develop vehicles that operate in off-road environments such as agricultural, construction, and military applications can now bring their products to market faster and safer with the help of CarSim and TruckSim," said Jeremy Miller, Head of Engineering at Mechanical Simulation Corporation.

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Company Name: Mechanical Simulation Corporation
About Company: Mechanical Simulation Corporation is a globally recognized leader in the development of vehicle dynamics simulation software for engineers and researchers in the automotive, heavy-trucking, mining, military, agriculture, and motorsport industries. With a strong track record of delivering high-fidelity simulation tools, the company enables users to create accurate virtual prototypes, optimize designs, and enhance vehicle performance. The company was established in 1996, and from its Ann Arbor, Michigan headquarters provides car, truck, and motorcycle simulation packages, training, and ongoing support to more than 200 OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers, hundreds of universities and government research groups, and hundreds of driving simulators. In March 2022, Mechanical Simulation Corporation became part of Applied Intuition. Applied's mission is to accelerate the world's adoption of safe and intelligent machines. Its suite of simulation, validation, and data management software makes it faster,