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70mai Dash Cam 4K A810
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70mai, a renowned pioneer in intelligent driving solutions, is delighted to announce the availability of its latest innovation, the 70mai Dash Cam 4K A810, in the North American market.

This state-of-the-art device seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology with user-centric features, with the goal of enhancing your driving experience and upholding road safety standards.

The 70mai Dash Cam 4K A810 is designed to provide superior image quality and clarity in a professional manner. With its 4K UHD Resolution and utilization of Sony's advanced Starvis 2 IMX678 image sensor, it enables precise capture of crucial details with unparalleled accuracy, such as license plates.

The exclusive MaiColor Vivid+ Solution (MVS) technology further enhances footage by improving exposure balance, color accuracy, and stability even in challenging lighting conditions. Operating at a high frame rate, motion blur is effectively eliminated, allowing the capture of fleeting details even during high-speed driving. The A810 ensures users have reliable and clear footage when it matters most.

Moreover, the 70mai Dash Cam 4K A810 offers Dual Channel Recording capabilities for enhanced security and broader coverage. It includes an additional port for accessories like a rear or interior camera for capturing high-quality footage of incidents from different angles. The A810 is the industry's first 4K dash cam compatible with HDR rear camera, featuring 1080P resolution.

This is ideal in providing critical evidence during accidents or disputes. Unlike other product offerings in the market,  this newly developed rear camera excels at noise elimination, color saturation, and exposure balance. It can even distinguish details in imagery at night or under complex lighting, restoring the rear view to the max level of reality. It also supports a 1080P IR interior camera for monitoring driving behavior or recording suspicious activities of passengers. Users can easily switch between views, and both camera videos are saved simultaneously, providing a reliable and comprehensive recording system for road safety.

Revolutionizing Low Light Recording and Efficient Storage

Equipped with the exclusive 70mai Night Owl Vision technology and an impressive F1.8 large aperture, the A810 excels at capturing well-illuminated recordings even in low light conditions. This feature enhances night footage, offering improved clarity, exposure balance, color saturation, and light glare control. Additionally, the A810 incorporates both Time-Lapse Recording and Dual Channel Recording, offering users extensive 24-hour protection and allowing continuous recording at 1FPS during parking mode.

This combination of features guarantees comprehensive safeguarding from all perspectives, particularly during parking, where the A810 delivers 360-degree protection. Furthermore, this unique feature compresses every 15 minutes of footage into 1 minute, effectively saving valuable memory space. Also, the accelerated playback function enables users to instantly review noteworthy events as they unfold. The 70mai Dash Cam 4K A810 is the perfect companion for every driver, whether it is for personal safety, insurance claims, or capturing memorable moments.

Advanced Features and Benefits

The 70mai Dash Cam 4K A810 is a highly intuitive dash cam that utilizes advanced Super-Sensing ADAS technology to detect the surrounding environment and provide real-time voice alerts, enhancing driving safety. Additionally, it features built-in GPS functionality that accurately tracks and displays real-time information such as time, speed, and coordinates, documenting the precise location of an accident in the event of a collision. This feature provides vital evidence for roadside assistance and insurance claims.

The 70mai App allows users to control and manage the A810 via their smartphones, adjusting settings and accessing real-time footage through a Wi-Fi connection without consuming mobile data. The app also generates a route-tracking map after each trip, enabling users to easily trace their journey and review important details for a safer and more secure driving experience. Furthermore, OTA updates are available to support product optimizations. These features provide a convenient and user-friendly way to control and manage the dash cam, enabling an enjoyable journey and hassle-free experience while on the road. With this technological advancement, you can experience safety and convenience on the road.

Excitingly, this innovative device is now conveniently available for purchase in the US and Canada on platforms like the 70mai Official Store, US Amazon and Canada Amazon. Its readily accessible supply ensures customers can acquire this cutting-edge dash cam promptly. The 70mai Dash Cam 4K A810 stands out from the competition with its advanced technology and innovative features, making it the ultimate choice for drivers who value reliability and top-notch quality. Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to enhance your driving experience - upgrade now!

Company Name: 70mai Technology Limited
About Company: Founded in 2016, 70mai is an industry-leading auto intelligence company, with a specialization in dashboard cameras. To date, it has established a global market presence, selling 1.5 million dash cams in a single year to 100+ countries spanning Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia. With the vision to deliver a safe, comfortable and networked experience both on and off the road, 70mai is dedicated to leading smart innovations that make your every journey easier.