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Voltstack 30k Level 2 e-Charger for Volvo
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Portable Electric, a leading manufacturer of silent, emission-free portable and mobile e-Charging power stations, a partnership with Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) to provide sustainable and efficient mobile charging solutions for construction sites. As part of this partnership.

Volvo CE's 245 North American dealer locations will offer customers the opportunity to bundle the Voltstack 30k Level 2 e-Charger with the purchase of Volvo electric equipment.The Voltstack 30k Level 2 Mobile EV Charger is a versatile and robust mobile charging solution that caters to a wide range of electric equipment requirements such as boost charging, setting up temporary charging stations, or providing recharging services whenever needed.

The Voltstack 30k Level 2 e-Charger, equipped with a 30 kW power output and an 80 kWh battery capacity, will play a pivotal role in the recharging of Volvo's ECR25 excavator, the L20 and L25 wheel loaders as well as any other electric construction equipment. In addition to providing a whole host of charging solutions, the unit provides a source of silent, emission-free power on job sites. The Voltstack 30k can also be hybridized with a generator to provide off-grid power through its "Smart Hybrid" feature. This feature allows the Voltstack 30k to automatically engage a diesel generator when it reaches a state of low charge.

"We are pleased to partner with Portable Electric to offer our customers an efficient, sustainable and off–grid mobile charging solution for their Volvo electric equipment," said Ray Gallant, VP Sustainability & Productivity Services at Volvo CE. "Bundling charging infrastructure like the Voltstack 30k Level 2 e-Charger with the purchase of our electric excavators or wheel loaders supports customers in reducing the carbon footprint of construction sites and improving the overall environmental impact of their projects."

Scott Hardy, CEO of Portable Electric, added, "We are excited to partner with Volvo CE to provide our Voltstack 30k Level 2 e-Charger to customers across North America. With its silent operation and emission-free power source, the Voltstack 30k Level 2 e-Charger is an ideal mobile charging solution for construction sites where noise, air pollution and recharge times are a concern."

The partnership between Volvo CE and Portable Electric underscores the companies' shared commitment to sustainability and innovation in electrifying job sites. By providing customers with a reliable and efficient mobile charging solution, the companies are helping reduce construction operations' environmental impact and support the transition to a more sustainable future.

For more information please visit www.volvoce.com

Company Name: Portable Electric Ltd
About Company: Portable Electric (PE) is a North American cleantech pioneer in providing best-in-class, scalable clean energy generation and storage solutions through its Voltstack ecosystem of battery energy storage systems and e-Chargers. Designed, engineered, and manufactured by Portable Electric, there are over 750 Voltstack power stations and e-Chargers available across 14 countries today. From small, nimble units capable of navigating disaster relief sites, to powerful stations capable of powering a construction site or holding up a Hollywood film shoot, Portable Electric sits at the forefront of innovative mobile energy needs. These silent, emission-free portable and mobile power stations are either directly replacing fossil-fuel generators or being hybridized with them to significantly reduce the runtimes of said noxious gensets.
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