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Harbinger, a Southern California-based automotive manufacturer, delivered its first customer chassis to THOR Industries this month. THOR Industries is the sole owner of operating companies which, combined, represents the world's largest manufacturer of recreational vehicles.

"Harbinger's delivery of our first electric chassis to THOR paves the way for a new standard in the future of recreational vehicles," said John Harris, CEO of Harbinger Motors. "Together with THOR, Harbinger is demonstrating our commitment to class-leading engineering and environmental stewardship."

Delivering First Customer Chassis

This marks the first customer delivery of the Harbinger electric chassis, which THOR plans to upfit into an electrified class A RV. After assembly at Harbinger's headquarters in Garden Grove, California, the chassis was delivered to the THOR US Innovation Lab in Elkhart, Indiana, for product design exploration.

"Harbinger believes in enabling the electrification of RVs, along with the wide variety of medium-duty e-commerce delivery vehicles you see every day," Harris continued. "Our strategy is focused on empowering companies to transform their fleets with sustainable options, tapping into a significant market opportunity that drives towards a greener, more innovative future in transportation."

Electrifying the Future of RVs

Harbinger and THOR have been working together for over a year on the electrified future of RVs, having previously announced a strategic partnership in which Harbinger's industry-leading electric medium-duty platform will play a key role in THOR's long-term North American eMobility innovation strategy. Additionally, THOR was a lead investor in Harbinger's recent Series A round of funding, which positioned the company to begin commercializing its vehicles for delivery to customers.

As noted last year on the Autopian, there is a growing demand for electrified chassis within the medium-duty segment, which makes up the foundation of a large number of recreational vehicles.

"THOR Industries is at the forefront of transforming recreational travel, exploring electrification with partners like Harbinger to be the first to introduce innovative, sustainable RV technologies," stated McKay Featherstone, THOR Senior Vice President of Global Innovation. "Our investment in electrification reflects the THOR family of companies' commitment to leading with advanced solutions for future RVers."

"THOR's partnership positions Harbinger to expand its focus beyond electrifying commercial applications into specialty vehicles," said Harris. "We are excited to strengthen our relationship with THOR and present a sustainable option for recreational vehicles and the owners who seek quieter, environmentally-friendly alternatives."

For more information please, visit www.harbingermotors.com.

About THOR Industries:

THOR Industries is the sole owner of operating companies which, combined, represent the world's largest RV manufacturer.

For more information please visit https://www.thorindustries.com/.

Company Name: Harbinger
About Company: Harbinger is an electric vehicle (EV) company on a mission to transform an industry starving for innovation. Harbinger's best-in-class team of EV, battery, and drivetrain experts have pooled their deep experience to support the growing demand for medium-duty EVs. Leveraging a foundation of proprietary, in-house developed vehicle technologies designed specifically for commercial and specialty vehicle applications, Harbinger is bringing a first-of-its-kind EV platform to market, priced for zero acquisition premium. Harbinger: familiar form, revolutionary foundation.
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