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ONYX 852cc (LX900) Propane Fuel System
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Market analysts are projecting the small gasoline engines market size set to surpass $10B by the end of 2035, growing at a CAGR of 7.2% during the 2023 – 2035 forecast period, from an industry size of around $4B in 2022.

The rising carbon emissions awareness amongst many individuals and companies consuming small gasoline engines is a factor forcing many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) to look for alternative low-emission engine solutions, delivering the same application power, if not more. ONYX has developed a suite of Propane Powered small engines from 452cc (13 HP) to 999cc (31hp), for both vertical shaft oriented and horizontal shaft oriented applications.

Background – Propane Engine Technology

Over the years here in the US, widespread adoption of internal combustion engines using propane fuel systems has been slow. The main reasons being availability of propane fuel, affordable gasoline prices here in the US, and reliability performance issues with propane powered engines. More recently, with emission regulations closing in on gasoline and diesel-powered small engines paired with elevated gasoline and diesel prices, propane powered engine solutions are being viewed as a viable alternative.

Propane is typically 30%-35% less expensive than gasoline and the supply of propane has become more widespread throughout the US over the last decade, e.g. most U-Haul locations nationwide have bulk propane filling stations and there are numerous propane distributors who will make regular propane tank deliveries or fillings for customers or at job sites. ONYX propane engines can run up to 100 times cleaner than their gasoline equivalent for exhaust emissions, with zero evaporative emissions from propane engines. This provides OEM's longevity to continue to use the superior power that internal combustion engines deliver in their products for the next couple of decades.

These factors together only leaves reliable performance concerns as the major remaining factor holding back the adoption of propane engine solutions for many industrial, agricultural, and lawn & garden applications. During the COVID era, ONYX embarked on an in-depth continuous improvement project to solve all of these endemic issues that have plagued propane fuel systems. ONYX has now incorporated these solutions into their latest engine families resulting in stable engine performance over a wide range of different operating conditions.

Traditional propane fuel systems do not precisely manage the fuel phase change within the fuel system, leading to fuel supply instability and unstable engine performance.

Company Name: ONYX Systems, LLC
About Company: Based in North Carolina, ONYX Systems, LLC is a leading provider of floor scrubbers and polishers for commercial and industrial use. Their high-quality products have been designed for efficiency, ease of maintenance, and serviceability, and are widely used by Business Service Contractors (BSCs) nationwide. ONYX is also a supplier of clean, eco-friendly propane engines, powering various industrial equipment and paving the way for a zero-emission future. To learn more about ONYX Systems, LLC and our range of products and services, please visit our website. We are excited to continue setting new standards in the industry and look forward to serving our customers with the highest level of excellence.
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