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SKF Lincoln introduces their new premium air hose program
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SKF Lincoln is thrilled to announce the launch of our two newest innovations in air hose technology: the premium nitrile rubber and hybrid hoses promise unparalleled performance and durability plus are environmentally responsible. Their new design has just upgraded the compressor air hose market.

Premium nitrile rubber hose models 72N3850 and 72N1250:

Engineered for resilience in the most demanding environments, the premium nitrile hose stands out as a champion of durability and versatility. Crafted with high-quality nitrile rubber, this hose excels in applications where exposure to oil, grease, and the myriad of chemicals sometimes found in the workplace. Its robust construction ensures reliable performance even in the harshest conditions, making it a preferred choice for garages, maintenance facilities, paint booths, and other applications where users demand excellence.

Key Features:

    Exceptional resistance to oil, grease, and chemicals.
    Flexible, kink resistant, and lays flat under pressure for ease of use.
    Equipped with leak-free brass fittings and comfortable protective sleeves that extend the life of the hose.

Lighter weight yet strong, the premium hybrid hose redefines the standard for efficiency and maneuverability. By combining the strength of PVC with the flexibility of rubber, this hybrid hose offers the perfect balance of sturdiness and adaptability. Whether you're working in tight spaces or covering extensive distances, the premium hybrid hose ensures optimal performance without weighing you down.

Key Features:

    Lightweight design for ease of use and enhanced portability.
    Kink resistant with all-weather flexibility (-40 – 150 deg F)
    Lays flat under pressure for easy maneuverability and safety.
    Equipped with leak-free brass fittings and comfortable protective sleeves that extend the life of the hose.

Both hose types are produced to deliver superior performance while adhering to the highest environmental standards. With a focus on sustainability, both are free from PFAS chemicals which aligns with requirements that will soon become law in many states.

"When expanding the Lincoln hose line, we wanted to give our customers unmatched performance capable of use in multiple applications," said Keith Rohan, Senior Product Manager, SKF Lincoln. "We have accomplished this with the introduction of the premium nitrile and hybrid polymer air hoses that are of the highest quality while remaining competitively priced."

"We're excited to offer industry-leading solutions that not only exceed expectations in performance but also contribute to a healthier planet."

For more information please visit, www.skf.com

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