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Halo Connect i3
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Aperia Technologies, Inc., the leading innovator in tire management solutions for medium- and heavy-duty truck fleets, is pleased to announce the launch of its groundbreaking Halo Connect i3™, an integrated, intelligent, automatic inflation solution.

This comprehensive smart solution goes beyond ATIS and TPMS offerings, allowing fleets to optimize efficiency and maximize operational uptime with integrated pressure sensing, remote pressure set point adjustment, configurable alerts, and customized inflation settings. Equipped with Bluetooth, RF, CAN, GPS, and LTE connectivity, Halo Connect i3 allows two-way communication, seamlessly integrating with other vehicle devices and fleet management systems, enabling comprehensive monitoring, adjustment, and control.

Halo Connect i3 elevates tire management beyond passive monitoring. With pressure monitoring integrated into the Halo Tire Inflator, there’s no need for separate TPMS sensors, resulting in more reliable and accurate pressure management. It’s the first of its kind in the industry, allowing fleets to have complete control of all truck and trailer wheel positions. This intelligent alerting and analytics engine enables fleets to preemptively take action to address issues before they escalate.

“Imagine receiving customized real-time alerts for abnormal tire pressure, temperature, or vibration issues. This allows you to monitor performance, minimize costly roadside breakdowns, and make adjustments to your tire program with over-the-air communication,” said Ralph Dimenna, Chief Commercial Officer.

With a million tires under management and algorithms trained over a hundred billion miles, Aperia delivers technology tailored to individual fleet requirements. Halo Connect i3 prioritizes simplicity, featuring a user-friendly interface accessible across all levels of the fleet. From drivers receiving clear tire status updates to technicians accessing detailed diagnostics, Halo Connect i3 empowers users with data to provide optimal tire management.

The Halo Connect i3’s simple design installs within 5 minutes per wheel end. The system is completely compatible with FlowBelow™ wheel covers or hub odometers and remains on the wheel, during tire and wheel service, maximizing uptime and convenience.

The CAN-compatible Halo Connect i3 system introduces state-of-the-art data analytics, including asset tracking, customizable reports, and intelligent alerting. From fleetwide metrics down to specific tire health history, this platform continues to deliver data-driven, exponential value.

Trusted by the industry’s top fleets, the Halo Connect i3 unlocks tangible benefits for fleets of all sizes. The system delivers:

Improved Fuel Economy – Accurate tire inflation management improves rolling resistance, translating into an average fuel savings of 1 to 2% and reduced emissions.
Boosted Uptime – Proactive tire care minimizes road calls and tire-related breakdowns by up to 70%, ensuring your fleet stays on the road.
Enhanced Driver Safety – Real-time tire insights reduce risks associated with tire failures, keeping drivers safe.
Improved Sustainability – Optimal tire performance reduces the environmental impact of a truck by up to 3 tons of CO2 per year.
Increased Profitability – With Halo Connect i3, fleets can expect an improvement of $2,000 per year per truck from fuel savings, reduced breakdowns, and managed maintenance costs.

For more information, visit www.AperiaTech.com.

Company Name: Aperia Technologies, Inc
About Company: Aperia Technologies makes transportation more efficient, safer, and better for the environment. The company’s Halo Tire Management® platform improves fuel economy and road safety while reducing tire expenditures, downtime, and maintenance costs for commercial fleets. Aperia offers the most comprehensive, user-friendly line-up of tire management solutions available to commercial fleets worldwide.
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