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AC Elite EV charger
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Autel Energy, a leading provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions and services, announced the next generation of their acclaimed MaxiCharger AC Elite EV charger series with the release of the G2 Business (commercial) and Home (residential) models.

The AC Elite G2 series has been recognized by one of the most prestigious and relevant design competitions in the world, winning the 2024 iF Design Award for best automotive product design.

The AC Elite G2 was specially designed to provide fast, efficient, charging capabilities for a wide range of vehicle brands. With a charging power of up to 19.2kW (80A), it surpasses the charging power of most household chargers at 11kW (50A). Despite its compact appearance, its powerful performance allows it to be used in various settings such as public commercial parking areas, residential areas, hospitals, and service areas. Its design allows for customization through the replacement of the cover, providing customers with diverse design options. Additionally, the clever structural design enables users to install it easily and efficiently.

"Boasting unmatched reliability, streamlined installation, and simplified interface, the AC Elite G2 is positioned to revolutionize the EV charging landscape," stated Shane Long, Chief Technology Officer of Autel Energy. "It's engineered with the latest intelligent vehicle technology, wireless networking, and AI-driven optimization features, its guaranteed to free up your capacity."

Company Name: Autel Energy
About Company: Autel Energy's vision is to create a seamless customer experience that enables the deployment of technology and smart infrastructure, accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles and energy management solutions worldwide. Autel Energy makes the most advanced products accessible and convenient for residential and commercial users offering hardware, software, apps, and cloud-based solutions to cover almost every use case and application. This includes world-class charging hardware for AC (Level 2) home and commercial, DC Bi-directional V2X power management, and DC (Level 3) fast charging from 40kW to 720kW with innovative configurability and modularity.
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