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HiPhi X Super SUV.
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Industry-leading new mobility and intelligent driving technology company, Human Horizons Group Inc., has this week announced plans to unveil an all-new and ultra-futuristic Digital GT- HiPhi Z.

The new GT is 95% representative of the production car from a design perspective and will be officially on display and available for purchase reservations at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition in April 2022, with mass production and delivery within 2022.

This will be the company's second flagship model after the great success of the HiPhi X Super SUV.

Named the HiPhi Z, the new GT is inspired by ideas of the future and the concept of four-dimensional space. 'XYZ' represents the coordinates of space, and 'T' is the time axis.

Like something out of science fiction, the HiPhi Z breaks through conventional notions of XYZ-T space and time, bringing the future here and now. Both visually aesthetic and technologically sophisticated, the HiPhi Z features a vast array of cutting-edge functionality as well as Human Horizons' signature intelligent AI, making the car alive and with a soul.

Speaking about the announcement, Human Horizons Founder Ding Lei said, "At Human Horizons, we strive to continuously innovate and push the boundaries of possibility.

For this new range of vehicles, we look up to concepts of space and time for inspiration, drawing parallels between science, art, human imagination, and sensory experience to create something truly special. As a flagship model, the HiPhi Z represents everything we want to be in a brand and is built for people who are, like us, driven by a desire to explore and create."

The mass-market production HiPhi Z will feature the world's first Star-Ring Intelligent Signal Display (ISD) light system, Electromagnetic NT Door, Active Aero Spoiler, and Flexible Protective Wheels, as well as the industry's first shimmering trim together with interactive lighting band (ambient lighting on door panel) and backlit screen (2k panel).

The vehicle's 'digital soul' is underpinned by the world's first vehicle-mounted multi-axis displacement digital robot HiPhi Bot and through collaboration with the world's top game software company, Epic Games, the most advanced 3D rendering development engine, Unreal Engine 5. All of this is in addition to the in house developed smart driving assistance technology that supports one of the world's most advanced self-driving algorithms.

As a company, Human Horizons is dedicated to creating vehicles that combines the latest in technological innovation with premium-quality luxury comforts, defining a new segment of cars, TECHLUXE®. In the future, the HiPhi Z will continue to set new standard for Chinese luxury brands that give users an exceptional, unique driving experience.

About Human Horizons

Human Horizons Group Inc. is dedicated to research and development in innovative intelligent mobility technologies as well as commercialization of future-oriented smart vehicles. Furthermore, Human Horizons develops smart transportation solutions as an integral part of smart cities, which will redefine human mobility.

Company Name: HiPhi
About Company: HiPhi is a premium brand created by Human Horizons and enhanced by its users. The HiPhi range are EVs with a lightweight hybrid aluminum-steel construction and sustainable vegan leathers and recyclable materials which add to the sustainable nature of Human Horizons' EV products.