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Leslie SuperTyfon RS-5 At HornBlasters HQ
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The irreverent Florida-based HornBlasters brand is announcing they're entering the locomotive industry and acquired assets related to the Air Whistles product line manufactured by Leslie Controls.

HornBlasters will now sell Circor Leslie Controls' horns for trains, including the Supertyfon RS line of locomotive horns.

Circor Leslie Controls is America's oldest locomotive horn manufacturer and one of only two companies that produce horns for trains in the US. As a state-of-the-art manufacturer, HornBlasters will pre-make horns with the goal of having them readily available for consumer purchase.

"There is important heritage with the Leslie Controls brand, and we are proud to acquire the assets of their prestigious air whistles division," HornBlasters founder and CEO Matthew Heller says in a statement. "HornBlasters plans to dominate the rail industry and blast it into the 21st century!"


Founded in 1905, Leslie Controls has been manufacturing locomotive horns for over 100 years. In addition to horns, Leslie Controls manufactures control valves, shutoff valves, control instrumentation, steam conditioning systems, and water heaters.

For more information please please,https://hornblasters.com/

Company Name: Hornblasters, Inc
About Company: HornBlasters is a market leader for automotive train horn applications. Founded in 2002, it has created a niche automotive product segment of train horns for cars, trucks, and boats. Since then, the business has exponentially grown its market and has expanded into air suspension, load support, and electric air horns.
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