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1st black-gray EC
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Among the vehicle products launched by Ambilight Inc at the exhibition were the EC dimming sunroof, EC sidelite, and solid-state EC auto dimming rearview mirror. The EC projection combined with side window projection technology was also introduced to enhance the in-car viewing experience.

These products are intelligently designed to adjust light, regulate temperature, and maintain privacy, thereby improving driving comfort and safety and enhancing the quality and technological feel of the vehicle.

As an expert in vehicle light and heat control, Ambilight Inc's EC dimming products have extensive domestic and international market prospects. The intelligent development of the automotive industry has made the design of vehicle cabins tend toward tech and multifunctionality.

As a part of cabin design, the dimming function not only improves driving comfort and safety but also helps enhance the quality and technological feel of the vehicle. Ambilight Inc is currently the only company globally that can achieve mass production of dimming products on curved surfaces, making its all-in-one dimming products, EC dimming insulation canopy, and EC dimming sidelite highly sought-after in the market.

According to relevant surveys, the market demand for dimming products is expected to witness an increasing trend over the next few years. Ambilight Inc's EC dimming products, based on flexible electrochromic technology, are poised to occupy a significant market share, having already been installed in vehicles from brands such as NIO, BYD, and ZEEKR.

Looking to the future, Ambilight Inc plans to further improve technology research and development, product quality, and create a globally leading brand with core competitive advantages, becoming a crucial leading entity in industry development.

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Company Name: Ambilight
About Company: Ambilight Inc, a pioneer in flexible electrochromic technology, recently unveiled the world's first black-gray EC dimming product for Vehicles at the 20th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition. This revolutionary product provides a comprehensive solution for vehicle thermal management and represents a significant technological breakthrough and product definition within the entire dimming industry.